2009 - A Year of Challenges & Successes

Within the Aberdeen community, incidents of violent criminal activity remained low in 2009 with only four reported robberies.

Recent Statistics

In 2009, detectives were assigned 632 cases, which resulted in a 94.2% clearance rate. This is up from our clearance rate in 2008. Our statistics for criminal activity and traffic saw ups and downs from the previous year:
  • Calls for service increased by 14%
  • Child abuse / neglect decreased by 22.5%
  • Crimes against children increased by 48%
  • Disturbance / fight calls increased by 34.5%
  • DUI arrests decreased by 37%
  • Property damage decreased by 14.5%
  • Sex offense calls increased by 57%
  • Sexual contact with minor increased by 25%
  • Traffic citations increased by 5%
  • Traffic crashes decreased by 2%
  • Traffic stops increased by 32.3%
  • Warrant arrests increased by 116%

A Continued Commitment

Our department continues its commitment to community-oriented policing, problem solving, partnership development, and positive interactions with our citizens and visitors in all venues.

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