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Registration: Technology Classes (Fall 2018)

  1. Library Laptop Use*

    Please indicate if you need to use a library laptop or you will be bringing your own device.

  2. Personal Device Use Requirements

    NOTE: When using your own device for any technology classes it is required to have Microsoft Office 2013 or newer. Classes can not accommodate older versions of this software.

  3. Fall 2018 Classes

  4. Computer Basics

    This class is for those who have never used a computer before, or have very little experience with them. Get an overview of basic computer parts, using the mouse and keyboard, and an introduction to Microsoft Windows operating system.

  5. Saving & Finding Files

    Learn how to save, find and organize files on your computer. This class if for those who are already somewhat familiar with Windows 10. Not sure how to save them or where files go after you save them? Having trouble finding things you saved? Come to this class to find out how your computer is organized!

  6. Searching

    Learn to use free online search engines (Google, Bing) to find information, websites, images, and videos.

  7. Windows 10

    Learn about Microsoft’s latest operating system. Will tackle the basics, ways to personalize your machine, and how to handle updates. Requirements: must have laptop running Windows 10 or request one from the library.

  8. Libby

    Every patron with a library card has access to a great collection of free ebooks and audiobooks through Overdrive’s latest app called Libby. Let us show you how to take advantage of this great service. Requirements: A phone or tablet running Android or Apple’s iOS and your library card. You will also need any usernames or passwords necessary to download apps from the Play Store or App Store.

  9. Email

    Learn how to use a web based e-mail. This class will cover how to send & receive e-mail, how to use attachments, etc. Those registered for this class will need to know how to use a mouse & keyboard

  10. Word

    Those registered for this class will need to be very comfortable using a mouse & keyboard. Participants will learn the fundamentals of using Microsoft Word. Laptops will be provided for use during class, but you can bring your own laptop if you prefer.

  11. Excel

    Excel spreadsheets allow you to easily store, organize and manipulate data. In this class, you will learn the basics of Excel (inserting text, basic functions, AutoSum, AutoFill, and more) by creating a basic budget spreadsheet and making Excel do all the math for you!

  12. Facebook

    Those registered for this class will need to know how to use a mouse & keyboard, as well as have an e-mail address. This class will consist of learning the fundamentals of using Facebook. Laptops will be provided for use during class, but you can bring your own laptop or tablet if you prefer.

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