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Registration: Technology Classes (Spring 2019)

  1. Library Laptop Use*

    Please indicate if you need to use a library laptop or you will be bringing your own device.

  2. Personal Device Use Requirements

    NOTE: When using your own device for any technology classes it is required to have Microsoft Office 2013 or newer. Classes can not accommodate older versions of this software.

  3. Fall 2018 Classes

  4. Excel 201

    A follow-up to our Excel Basics class. We'll focus on working with more of Excel's many functions. Students must already know how to enter data, format cells, and use Autosum.

  5. Libby

    Requirements: Tablet or phone running Android or iOS. Active library card. Any passwords needed to download apps from your app store. Learn how to check out free ebooks and audiobooks with the Libby app. Read or listen on the go.

  6. Facebook 201

    Requirements: Must have Facebook account and be familiar with reading newsfeed and creating posts. You have the basics. Now learn about the additional capabilities of Facebook. We'll explore additional settings, Facebook groups, and posting events.

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