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Robbery Prevention
Robbery Prevention
  • Avoid poorly lit areas. If you find that you must walk in poorly lighted areas, walk purposefully. Communicate the message that you are calm, confident, and know what is going on around you. Make quick, but deliberate eye contact with people around you.
  • Keep your keys in hand. When walking to your vehicle, have your car keys in hand before starting across a parking lot.
  • When driving, keep car doors locked at all times. Keep the windows rolled up enough so that an arm cannot be inserted through the opening.
  • Avoid walking alone, and stay away from dark streets. Avoid shortcuts through deserted areas.
  • Don't flash your money. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash or other tempting targets such as jewelry.
  • Always park your car in well-lit areas. This will enable you to see your car and its surroundings from as far away as possible. Park as close as possible to an open business.
  • Keep an eye out for people. When using a bank's ATM, be aware of people loitering in the area. If you see a suspicious person, do not use your card.
  • Use the buddy system. Try to have another person accompany you when using an ATM or night deposit box.
  • Be prepared before using the ATM. Be ready to conduct your transaction before you approach the ATM or night deposit. Conduct your business quickly and don’t loiter in the vicinity. At night, use an ATM or night deposit that is well lit. Put your money away as soon as possible and don’t stand by the ATM and count the money. Don’t openly carry money to the ATM or night deposit. Keep it concealed until you are ready to make the deposit.

Protect Yourself During a Robbery
  • Remain calm and listen to the robber’s demands. If you panic, possible violence may occur.
  • Avoid making sudden movements.
  • Do not resist a robber’s efforts to take your property.
  • Do not offer items that are not specifically requested.
  • Observe the suspects physical description (i.e., sex, race, age, height, weight, and clothing worn).
  • Without placing yourself in danger attempt to note the license plate number of the suspect’s car, if one is seen.

Check out what to do if you become a victim of robbery.

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