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City Development

Aberdeen's Development Climate
Aberdeen has been fortunate to "miss out" on much of the economic slowdown experienced across the country. While we haven't experienced the peaks other parts of the nation have, we also are weathering the current valley where other cities have not fared so well.

Sustainable Growth

Aberdeen continues to be an economic hub of northeast South Dakota, serving as a business, employment and housing center amid a large agricultural region.

The city has continued its pattern of steady growth in both the expansion of the city boundaries and in-fill development over the past several years. Evidence of this growth can be seen in the following:

  • Over 750 Acres of Land Annexed into City since 2007
  • 1.5 Million Square Feet of new Commercial Projects since 2005
  • Over 300 New Residential Building Permits issued with a value of more than $31 Million since 2005

Below is a summary of the developments the city has seen over the past few years. In addition to the projects below, the Planning and Zoning Department continues to issue a large volume of building and zoning permits for remodeling projects as citizens and business owners alike work to maintain and enhance their existing homes and businesses.



Aberdeen 1880's

Housing Developments

Northeast Aberdeen
  Arthurs Court Addition - 11 lots, 1/10 acre in size, located off of 8th Ave NE and Lancelot Dr
  Fifth Addition to Ashwood Heights Subdivision - 7 lots, 5 acres in area
  Kwasniewski Second Addition - 4 lots, 1/4 acre in size
  Melhoffs Thriteenth Addtion to North Plains Subdivision - 3 lots, 1/3 acre in size, located in on Norwood Drive
  Prairies Edge First Subdivision - 12 lots, 1/3 acre in size, located along Stone Gate Court on North Roosevelt St
  Prairies Edge Third Addition - 8 lots, 1/2 acre in size, located by Clear Water Ct. along North Roosevelt St
  Rivett Family Trust Residential Development - 58 possible lots, 1/3 of an acre in size, located along Roosevelt Street N
  Sixth Addition to Ashwood Heights - 2 lots, 3/4 acre in size
  Thomas Drive - 3 lots, 1/4 acre in size, located just off of N. Harrison and south of 18th Ave NE
  Werth Court / Thomas Drive - 23 lots, 1/3 acre in size, located along Harrison St N, just south of 18th Ave NE

Southeast Aberdeen
  Dean Addition - 3 lots 1/4 acre in size, located off of Prospect Ave SE
  K O Lee Plant First Addition - 1st Ave SE, Prairie Spring Apartments
  Lamont Eighth Addition - 6 lots approximately 1 acre in size, located along 10th Ave. SE and Carlyle Court
  McDowell Paramount Addition - 3 lots, 1.5 acres, located along Third Ave SE developed with a thirty unit apartment complex
  Willowwood Third Addition - 11 lots, 1/3 acre in size, located on the east side of South Roosevelt Street

Southwest Aberdeen
  Forest Acres/US Bank Addition - 4 lots, 1/2 acre in size
  Homes Are Possible 3rd Subdivision - 28 lots, 1/3 acre in size, located along 13th Avenue SW
  Homes Are Possible 4th Subdivision - 29 lots, 1/3 acre in size, located along Plum Lane
  Homes Are Possible 5th Subdivision - 28 lots, 1/3 acre in size, located along Ash Lane
  Homes Are Possible 6th Subdivision - 28 lots, 1/4 acre in size, located along 15th Ave SW between 9th St S and 12th St S.
  Homes Are Possible 7th Subdivision - 64 lots,  1/4 acre in size, found along 13th Ave SW and Plum Lane
  Seventh Avenue South West - Homes Are Possible Inc., infill home
  Thirteenth Street South/Eighth Avenue SW - Homes Are Possible Inc., infill home

Northwest Aberdeen
  Nicklaus Drive - 18 lots, 3/4 acre in size, located in the Rolling Hills Subdivision along 8th Ave NW
  Nicklaus Drive - 4 lots 1/4 acres in size, located in the Rolling Hills Village Eleventh Addition along 8th Ave NW
  Nicklaus Drive/Palmer Circle - 53 lots, 1/3 acre in size, located around the Rolling Hills Golf Course along 8th Ave NW
  Rolling Hills Village Eighth Addition - 22 lots, 1/3 acre in size, located in the Rolling Hills Subdivision along 8th Ave NW
  Rolling Hills Village Fifth Addition - 2 lots, 1 acre in size, located in the Rolling Hills Subdivision just off of 8th Ave NW

Commercial Developments

Northeast Aberdeen
Burgard/Hill Apartments - 1322 8th Ave NE


Modern Day Aberdeen

  Custom Sheet Metal - 8 State St N
  Factory Use Building - 4051 Shipke Lane
  Federal Credit Union – 1601 8th Ave NE
Humphries Construction Shop - 4050 Shipke Lane
  JP Construction Shop - 4201 Shipke Lane
  Molded Fiberglass - 1401 Brown County 19 N
New Office Building - 2011 8th Ave NE
  New Office Building - 2301 8th Ave NW
  Orthopedic Physical Therapy - 6 Roosevelt St N

Southeast Aberdeen
  Anytime Fitness - Located in Lakewood Mall
  Aquatic Center - 1025 Dakota St S
  Coffee Smith Company Drive-Thru - 103 12th Ave SE
  Cortrust Bank - 2016 6th Ave SE
  Dutenhoffer 13 Unit Apartments - 2013 10th Ave SE
  Farm Credit Services Office Building - 4835 6th Ave SE
  Frito Lay Distribution Center - 330 Enterprise St
  Great Plains Bank - 3915 6th Ave SE
  Hampton Inn - 3216 7th Ave SE
  Hampton Inn - 720 Lamont St S
  Harr Motors - 4255 6th Ave SE
  Healthcare Plus Federal Credit Union - 203 Dakota St S
  Jones Drug - 816 6th Ave SE
  Karls TV, Audio,Appliance - 3315 Sixth Ave SE
  Kentucky Fried Chicken/Long John Silvers - 3811 7th Ave SE
  Lamont Office Building – NE corner of Washington St & 6th Ave SE
  McDonald's - 1615 6th Ave SE
  Medical Equipment Supply Business - 816 6th Ave SE
  Natural Gold - 4745 Railroad Ave
  New Office Building - 3401 10th Ave SE
  New Office Building - 416 Dakota St S
  New Office Building - 1812 6th Ave SE
  New Strip Mall - 3828 7th Ave SE
  Northern Beef Packers - 3210 Jay St S
  Paramount Estates II - 2802 3rd Ave SE
  Pizza Hut - 3311 6th Ave SE
  Prairie Springs - 1314 1st Ave SE
  Public Safety Building - 114 2nd Ave SE
  South Dakota Wheat Growers - 908 Lamont St S
  Splitrock Center - 3711 7th Ave SE
  State Street Medical Square - 105 State St S
  Sunshine Park Apartments - 1524 Lawson St S
  United Clinic - 3015 3rd Ave SE
  Walmart Supercenter - 3820 7th Ave SE

Southwest Aberdeen
  Consolidated Concrete Office Building - 2800 Hwy 12 W
  Family Dollar Store - 412 6th Ave SW
  New Parking Ramp - 101 1st St S
  Northern Plains Animal Health - 2503 6th Ave SW

Northwest Aberdeen
  Brenner Builders Shop - 115 East Dr
  Crematorium - 414 5th Ave NW
  Fire Station # 2 - 725 West Palmer Cr
  New Family Worship Church - 435 Hwy 281 N
  New Office Building - 223 8th Ave NW
  New Shop - 703 2nd Ave NW
  Primrose Place - 210 8th Ave NW
  Visitor Center at Storybookland - 2400 Hwy 281 N

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