Board of Ethics

For the residents of Aberdeen to have confidence in the integrity of the decisions and operations of City Hall, municipal officials and employees must be honest, impartial, and responsible to the people; governmental decisions and policy must be made within the proper channels of City government; and no public office should be used for personal gain.  The mission of the Board of Ethics is to promote these goals through enforcement of the ethical standards set forth in the Conflicts of Interests Policy of the City of Aberdeen. The Board of Ethics acts on complaints made against an elected or appointed city official and provides written opinions to questions about a conflict of interest.

The next meeting date for the Board of Ethics is September 10, 2024 at 3:30 PM in Council Chambers.

The City Attorney's office serves as the administrative staff for the Board of Ethics.


  • Jon Schaff, Term Expires 7-1-2024
  • Sister Kathleen Bierne, Term Expires 7-1-2024
  • Scott Kuck, Term Expires 7-1-2025
  • Cynthia Walsh, Term Expires 7-1-2025
  • Heidi Fiedler, Term Expires 7-1-2027