Charter Revision

     The City Council tasked the Charter Revision Subcommittee to study and review the Aberdeen City Charter and recommend any revisions the Subcommittee determined to be appropriate.  This is the first formal review of the Charter since it was adopted by the voters in 2004.  The efforts of the Subcommittee resulted in a tentative draft of recommended changes which it submitted to the City Council on August 19, 2019.  


Tentative Draft of Recommended Revision to Aberdeen City Charter

Notice of Hearing 11-4-19 to discuss Tentative Draft of Subcommittee

      Any Ordinance proposing amendments to the City Charter must be submitted to the voters of the City for their approval before it becomes effective. The Council is seeking public comment on the recommended changes before it moves forward with adopting an Ordinance.  The Council’s first work session to discuss the recommended changes was on September 16, 2019.   The Council's public hearing to discuss the recommended changes will be on November 4, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. in City Council chambers at the Municipal Building.  

     The tentative draft submitted by the Subcommittee shows all changes in redlined format.  Any proposed deletion is shown as a strikethrough.  Any proposed addition is underlined.  A blue text box explaining the proposed change follows each section for which a change is recommended.

     The tentative draft of the Subcommittee proposes to amend the existing Charter with the following categories of changes:

•    Housekeeping changes correcting or clarifying typographical, punctuation, and grammatical errors, misspelled words, incorrect letter case, incorrect singular and plural word forms, correction of omitted, extra, redundant, and repeated words or phrases, and incorrect or omitted references.

•    Elimination or modification of obsolete language regarding the transition from the commissioner to the city manager form of city government.

•    Revising when council member salaries may be established.

•    Clearly identifying the duties, appointment, and supervision of the finance officer and the city attorney and placing both officials under the City Council article of the Charter.

•    Deleting specific terms of a misdemeanor punishment and permitting punishment according to law.

•    Clarifying that roll call votes are required for ordinances, resolutions, and expenditures or appropriations of money according to state law.

•    Deleting the requirement that any lease of city land for a period longer than one year be by ordinance as state law only requires that such leases be by resolution.

•    Requiring appointed council members to be subject to the same conditions of office as an elected council member.

•    Removing a misplaced margin and line break in order to clarify the manner of proposing an amendment to the Charter by a voter petition.

     A copy of the tentative draft of the Subcommittee may be obtained at the City Attorney’s Office.

     You are invited to attend the public meetings on the Charter revision and to submit your written comments to the City Attorney’s Office, 123 S. Lincoln St., Aberdeen, SD 57401, or via email to any of the following individuals:

City Attorney:

Ron Wager:   

Council Members:

Travis Schaunaman, Mayor:
David Bunsness, SW District:
Alan Johnson, SW District:
Dave Lunzman, NW District:
Josh Rife, NW District:
Dennis “Mike” Olson, SE District:
Clint Rux, SE District:
Mark Remily, NE District:
Rob Ronayne, NE District:

Tentative Draft of Recommended Revision to Aberdeen City Charter

Notice of Hearing 11-4-19 to discuss Tentative Draft of Subcommittee