Payment of Parking Fines

Parking Fines Payment Options

Pay Online: Have your citation number or license plate number available and Pay Online.

Mail It: Attach the proper postage and mail your payment and citation in the included envelope. Make checks payable to "City of Aberdeen" and mail to the APD Parking Division at PO Box 53, Aberdeen, SD  57402-0053.

Pay In Person: Make payment at the Aberdeen Police Department. Save time by dropping it off in the box at City Hall parking lot or the drop box in the entryway of the APD.

Appeal of the Citation: Complete a Ticket Review Form and submit it within 20 days of the citation to the Parking Office located at Aberdeen Police Department, 114 2nd Ave. SE, Aberdeen, SD 57401.

Do not pay with coins or cash when paying by mail. Ensure you include the full amount due.

Contact us by phone at (605) 626-7053 or by email at

Please resolve your citation in a timely fashion. Unresolved citation fines escalate, are turned over to collections at 90 days, and may result in your vehicle being towed without notice.

Aberdeen City Ordinance 24-238 Immobilization. Car towing/booting policy for Offender of unpaid parking tickets

Aberdeen Snow Removal

The Public Works Department has developed an emergency snow route system.  A planned route of major roads to be kept clear of dangerous snow and ice to help you get through the winter more safely.  View the city's snow removal map which outlines snow removal procedures.

Snow Removal Alert Announcements
The department will issue snow removal alert announcements on a minimum of two local radio stations before the start of operations, and will follow follow city ordinances as to time allowed for notice of the official start of operations.  Other electronic media and the Aberdeen American News will also be utilized to communicate the snow removal alert if time permits.

Sign Up To Receive Snow Removal Alerts 
It’s fast and easy to sign up for snow removal alerts!  Simply go to on the City of Aberdeen website.  Enter your email address to sign in to subscribe, unsubscribe, and manage your subscriptions.  Next, select whether you prefer to receive an email or text message alert or both.  Scroll down to the Alert Center where you will find “Alerts for Snow & Ice Control”.  Select the envelope icon to receive your alert via email or select the phone icon to receive your alert via text message or select both—your choice.