The City of Aberdeen contains hundreds of miles of sanitary sewers. These sewers collect the wastewater that is discharged from homes, commercial users, industries, etc. This system of sewers is referred to as the wastewater collection system.

Storm Sewers & Wastewater

The city also has hundreds of miles of storm sewers. The waters from the storm sewers get discharged directly to Moccasin Creek. For the most part, the storm sewer and wastewater collection system are separate. However, there is evidence that the two get combined at times which affects the performance and the amount of water that the Aberdeen Wastewater Treatment Plant treats.

Conveying the Wastewater

The wastewater collection system conveys the wastewater to the Aberdeen Wastewater Treatment Plant via a 42-inch interceptor pipe. The wastewater is lifted into the pretreatment building by three screw pumps. A screw pump works like a grain auger. The screw pumps at the plant are 44-feet long and are each powered by a 60-horsepower motor.

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