Collection Guidelines

Solid Waste Receptacle Guidelines

Containers for garbage shall be 10-34 gallons in size, be water tight, and be made out of metal or plastic material. Containers for rubbish shall not be larger than 34 gallons (4.5 cubic feet) and shall have sufficient strength to permit handling without rupture or tearing.

Brush & Tree Limbs

Wood, branches, brush, and tree limbs must be cut into pieces no longer than three feet, be bundled for handling, and set adjacent to the street or alley on collection day. Only limbs less than eight inches in diameter will be collected by the city.

**The Public Works Department would like to remind residents that our solid waste customers need to place their garbage in a bag to prevent it from being loose in the container. Reference City Ordinance Sec. 44-41.**
10 to 34 Gallon

Construction Rubble

It is the responsibility of the owner or the contractor to properly dispose of debris generated by a contractor on the premises. This may require the service of a private hauler. Examples of debris include:
  • Building materials
  • Carpet
  • Lumber
  • Rubble
  • Shingles
  • Tree trimmings

Contact Us

If you have any questions or problems with solid waste collection, please contact the Public Works Department at 605-626-7010.