Circle of Flags

The Circle of Flags area will serve as a valuable focal point within Wylie Park providing an area to accommodate a wide variety of activities to include recreational programming, educational programming, special events, receptions and large group rentals. The development of the Circle of Flags area will enhance Wylie Park by allowing for expanded recreational, cultural and educational opportunities in a wide variety of areas.
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Circle of Flags Features:

  1. Flag Display of 50 States (Exchange Club)
  2. American Flag (30'X60' on 140 foot pole - Brown County Chapter of the National Flag Foundation)
  3. Plaza Area (11,300 sq. ft.) accommodates 300-400 people
  4. Picnic Shelters (three shelters totaling 2,500 sq. ft.) accommodates up to 200 peolpe
  5. Bald Eagle Sculpture, including educational components
  6. Small 2 in plaza area
  7. Entrance to entertainment area to include restroom/concession building
  8. Landscape beds and planting area
  9. Amphitheater
  10. Parking lot expansion

Sponsorship Opportunities:

There are a wide variety so sponsorship opportunities at the Circle of Flags including picnic shelters, stage areas, sitting benches, landscape areas and the Bald Eagle sculpture. Please contact the Aberdeen Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department at 605-626-7015 for more information.