Forestry Facts

Boulevard Trees

Trees on public rights of way (boulevards) are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Forestry Division. If a homeowner desire to plant, prune, spray, or remove a boulevard tree, a permit must be obtained.

Broken Tree Limbs

If a homeowner's boulevard tree needs to be pruned or inspected, please call the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Division. Trees with broken limbs that appear to be an immediate hazard will be inspected the day of the call and removed if a hazard exists.

Lawn Waste

The Publics Works Department picks up properly bundled branches from privately owned trees. It is the homeowner's responsibility to haul all yard waste and tree limbs to the appropriate county lawn waste sites or the Brown County Landfill.

Tree Pruning

The pruning of boulevard trees will be prioritized on an as-needed basis. If your boulevard tree has dead limbs that may be hazardous to pedestrian or vehicle traffic, it will receive attention from the Forestry Division personnel or a contracted tree service.

Wood Chipper

Wood Chips

Wood chips are available from the Forestry Division at the Lee Park Maintenance Facility: 516 Eighth Ave. NW, Aberdeen, SD 57401

For availability please call the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Division at (605) 626-7015.


For further information on any of these topics, or to request a service, please contact the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Division at 605-626-7015.