Club Fittings

Driver and Irons: $100
Driver Only: $50
Irons Only: $50
Irons and Wedge: $60
Putter: $50
Our goal is to find equipment that best fits you by using FlightScope X3 technology. We are able to analyze your data to help lower scores. Let us help you improve your golf performance from tee to green.
**If you purchase your equipment from Lee Park, a fitting fee will be deducted from your purchase.**

 FlightScope Swing and Ball Flight Data      
 Ball Speed Club  Flight Time  Club Speed Profile  Club Acceleration Profile
 Head Speed  Angle of Attack  Spin Loft  Launch Direction
 Smash Factor  Spin Axis  Roll Distance  Total Distance
 Carry Distance  Lateral Landing  Shot Dispersion  Shot Type
 Launch Angle  Skills Distance to Pin  Skills Score Face to Path  Face to Target
 Spin Rate  Club Path Vertical  Swing Plane  Horizontal Swing
 Apex Height  Plane Low Point  Vertical Descent Angle  Curve