Dust Proofing / Seal Coating

Street Surface Maintenance

Dust proofing, or seal coating, is an application of a thin film of asphalt oil followed by a layer of small rock, which provides a new wear surface for the road. Dust proofing protects the prior applications or asphalt on the street from becoming porous by preventing further oxidation. This maintenance process helps extend the life of the pavement and can help reduce long-term costs, but does not necessarily improve the quality of the ride.

Treatments & Applications

About 50% of Aberdeen’s pavement streets appear to be asphalt but in reality the surface is merely several applications of asphalt oil and pea rock. These roads started as a gravel road with seal coat, but were gradually built up by the many applications of rock and oil. Some streets are concrete with an asphalt treatment-asphalt overlay or seal coat. Aberdeen’s primary collector or arterial streets are full-depth asphalt or concrete. General maintenance can vary between asphalt and dust-proof streets.

Scheduled Dust Proofing

No parking is allowed on the street the day dust proofing is scheduled. Whenever possible, "No Parking this Block" signs will be placed in the early morning. If you drive on the street during the operation, please be aware of fresh oil and loose rock. City crews will sweep the excess rock from the street within two weeks of work completion. View the Seal Coating Maintenance Schedule for the next seven years.

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For questions or concerns about a street or alley, call the Public Works office at 605-626-7010.
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