Stormwater Quantity

Components to Stormwater Management

The City of Aberdeen is working on the following components to management of stormwater quantity.

Flood Plain Management

The city enforces rules and regulations set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through the South Dakota Division of Emergency Management. The first map was adopted in 1977 and a second map was adopted in 1988. FEMA recently performed a map modernization project for the Aberdeen area in 2007, and the following resources are a result of that process:
  • Ordinance – View the city ordinance enacted by the City Council on February 25, 2008.
  • Digital Mapping – The digital maps are available for review at City Hall, located at 123 South Lincoln Street.

Detention Ponds and Conveyance Systems

The city has changed how it deals with stormwater runoff over time. The following review of planned development is based on recommendations from two separate studies.
  • Stormwater Management Plan – EarthTech performed a study for the southwest quadrant of the community in 1998, and HDR performed a study for the remainder of the area in 2001. Copies of the studies are available for review at City Hall, located at 123 South Lincoln Street.

Storm Water Utility Fees

A utility was established in 2006 to cover the costs of maintenance of the city’s storm sewer system. The fees that are charged are based on a formula that takes into account the land usage, size of the parcel, and the current unit charge.

Contact Us

For more information regarding stormwater, please contact the Public Works office at 605-626-7010.