Parental Information

Attention Parents

Here are some tips on how to make sure your teenager is safe when you go out of town and how to deal with suspected drug use.

Dealing With Suspected Drug Use

Have a frank discussion with your teenager explaining the harmful effects of drugs. Do not hesitate to make and enforce firm rules against drugs in the house. You should also seek the help of a counselor who specializes in youth drug dependency.

When You Are Out of Town

When you go out of town the word gets out quickly. How do you keep your house from becoming a party house while you are gone? First, it is important to realize situations can quickly get out of hand even for the most responsible teenager. Have a responsible adult live in your house while you are away. Explain to them the family rules about parties. Inform your neighbors about your absence and ask them to contact you, the adult living in the house, or the police if they see a party starting.

Additional Resources

Other helpful tips include:

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Aberdeen Police Department at 605-626-7000, or visit the D.A.R.E. national website.