Disaster Preparedness

Brown County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

Brown County is vulnerable to natural, technological, and man-made hazards that have the possibility of causing serious threat to the health, welfare, and security of our citizens. The cost of response and recovery from potential disasters, in terms of potential loss of life or loss of property, can be lessened when attention is turned to mitigating their impacts and effects before they occur or re-occur.

Identifying Our Regions Hazards

The Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan for residents of Brown County identifies the region’s hazards to further understand our vulnerabilities. This knowledge will help identify solutions that can significantly reduce threat to life and property. The plan is based on the premise that hazard mitigation works. With increased attention to mitigating natural hazards, communities can do much to reduce threats to existing citizens and avoid creating new problems in the future. In addition, many mitigation actions can be implemented at minimal cost.

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