Structure Setbacks

Structure Setback Requirements
Structure setbacks define how close a house, building, garage, shed, or other structure may be built to property lines, or in some cases, to other structures or roads. The particular setback requirement varies from one Zoning District to another.

Below are illustrations detailing some common setbacks from property lines for primary and accessory structures.
R-1 Single-Family Residential
C-1 Neighborhood Commercial
R-1 Two-Family Residential
C-2 Highway Commercial
R-1 Multi-Family Residential

R-2NEW Single-Family Residential

R-2 Single-Family Residential
(for areas platted prior to September 26, 1969)

R-2NEW Two-Family Residential

R-2 Two-Family Residential
(for areas platted prior to September 26, 1969)

R-2 Multi-Family Residential

R-3 Single-Family Residential

R-3 Two-Family Residential

R-3 Multi-Family Residential

R-2A Manufactured Housing