School Resource Officer Functions

Some specific responsibilities of the school resource officer include:
  • Attending meetings of parent groups and faculty-wide in-service sessions
  • Attending school functions and extracurricular school events
  • Being a counseling resource in areas that may affect the educational environment but may be of a law-related nature
  • Being a resource for the students and enabling the students to be associated with a law enforcement figure in their own environment
  • Being available for conferences with students, parents, and faculty members to assist with problems related to law enforcement and crime prevention
  • Conferring with school administration to develop strategies to prevent dangerous situations on or near the campus
  • Gathering information regarding potential problems such as criminal or gang activity and identifying individuals who may be a disruptive influence
  • Promoting citizen awareness of law enforcement efforts on campus to ensure the peaceful operation of school-related programs and build rapport with students
  • Referring students and their families to the appropriate agencies for assistance when a need is determined
  • Taking steps appropriate and consistent with law enforcement officer’s duty when a crime occurs
  • Working closely with the school principals, meeting on a regular basis

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Administrative Sergeant at 605-626-7065. If this is an emergency, please dial 911.