Pet Information and Requirements

No more than three adult dogs or four adult cats may be kept in any dwelling unit within the city. A mix of dogs, cats, or any other type of creature (excluding pigeons, chickens, and fish) may not exceed four total. Offspring of the creatures currently owned may be kept in excess to this number until they reach the age of three months.

Chickens can be kept as long as the animals do not constitute a nuisance to the occupants of adjacent property. See City Municipal Code Sec 8-11 through 8-14 for more information.

Only pigeons commonly known as "fancy pigeons" may be kept. See City Municipal Code Sec 8-5 for more information. 

Pets must have adequate shelter from the weather, a steady supply of water, adequate food and medical care.

Prohibited animals

Wild and exotic animals such as monkeys, alligators or such type of creature are not allowed. “Wild and Exotic Creature” means any mammal, reptile, insect, bird, fish, or amphibian which is naturally inclined to do harm and/or capable of inflicting harm upon human beings. Snakes, spiders, and such require very good containment and are not allowed to run loose.

Livestock, classified as ungulates, are also prohibited. 

  1. Licensing
  2. Leash Laws/At Large
  3. Disturbing the Peace
  4. Impounded Animals
  5. Pet Waste
  6. Dangerous/Vicious Animals

All dogs and cats within the City limits and over the age of six months must be licensed and display a license tag at all times.

 A license can be purchased at City Hall at the City Treasurer's Office. For additional information call 605-626-7026. 

In addition, proof of a current rabies vaccination by a registered veterinarian is required for all dogs and cats and must be presented to the City Treasurer's Office at the time of license application. All dog or cat licenses shall expire upon the expiration date of the rabies inoculation as shown on the furnished rabies certificate.

The Animal Control Officer may be contacted at 605-626-7911 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.